Relx V5 Infinity Plus Device

Sale price$44.99 CAD

The much anticipated 5th Generation Relx Phantom is finally available. Forget the Juul, or any other alternative vape pen. The Relx Phantom gives unparalleled user experience with it’s patented Super Smooth technology and Leak-Resistant Maze design.

The Relx Phantom is the best vape pen on the market and is backward compatible so you can enjoy all your favourite flavours that you know and love from your old Infinity device.


Product Name Relx Phantom
Performance Super Smooth
Leak-Resistant Design 11 Layer Leak-Resistance Maze
Heating Technology FEELM Ceramic Coil
Intelligent Function SmartPace Vibration Alerts
Device Activation Draw Activated
Charging USB-C Charging
Charging Time 45 mins
Pod Capacity 2 mL
Battery 380mAh
Number of Puffs per Charge 400
Weight 18g
Device Contents 1 Device + 1 USB-C Charging Cable + 1 Manual
Maximum Charging Current 700mA
Colors: Enchanted Jungle