DEU RB5000 - 0mg Nicotine Special Edition

Sale price$22.99 CAD

Product Name: DEU RB5000

Product Type: Disposables

Puffs Count: Up to 5000

Nicotine: 0mg/ml

Liquid Capacity: 10ml

Coil Type: Mesh Coil

Battery: 600mAh

Rich flavor and refreshing mint make the perfect blend! The taste has been upgraded from the traditional flavor, adding flavors such as Oolong Vodka, Lemongrass, Oil Rod, Strawberry Jasmine Tea, and Milk, making the vaping experience more diverse.

There is also a new ultimate mint flavor, which brings an extremely cool and refreshing sensation to the throat, weakening the stickiness brought by sweetness and leaving only refreshing mint. With just one puff, you can experience the wonderful icy sensation.


Flavors: Strawberry Jasmine Tea