DEU Vape Pod System & Disposables


DEU is on a mission to cater to diverse customer preferences by constantly innovating and developing a variety of mixed-flavor disposables and pods. With a primary focus on disposables, our products feature stylish designs, unique flavors, and a refreshing menthol sensation, leaving you craving for more. Experience it once, and you'll fall in love!


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DEU RB5000 - 5000Puffs Disposable VapeDEU RB5000 - Kyoho Grape
DEU RB5000 Pro - Vape jetable à fort débit d'airDEU RB5000 Pro - Green Grape Ice
DEU D5 Vape Pods - Relx Pro Pod Kit Compatible DEU D5 Vape Pods - Watermelon Ice
Pods DEU D5 Vape Prix de vente$15.99 CAD
DEU BC1000 Disposable Vape-1000PuffsDEU BC1000 Disposable Vape - Dark Lemon Tea
DEU BC1000 Vape jetable-1000Puffs Prix de vente$14.99 CAD
Economisez 30%
DEU CR5000 Disposable Vape-5000PuffsDEU CR5000 Disposable Vape - Fruit Punch
DEU CR5000 Vape-5000Puffs jetables Prix de vente$15.99 CAD Prix normal$22.99 CAD
Economisez 47%
DEU Mini Cup-6000Puffs Fruity Disposable VapeDEU Mini Cup-Grapefruit Lemon
DEU Mini Cup-6000Puffs Vape jetable fruitée Prix de vente$15.99 CAD Prix normal$29.99 CAD
DEU D5 Pro Vape Pods - Adjustable AirflowDEU D5 Pro Vape Pods - Lemon Ice
Economisez 33%
DEU MAX TIN - 5000Puffs Disposable VapeDEU MAX TIN - Coconut Latte
DEU MAX TIN - Vape jetable de 5000 bouffées Prix de vente$19.99 CAD Prix normal$29.99 CAD