Disposable Vapes are pre-filled e-juice devices designed to be discarded after use. No need for refilling e-liquid. Ready to use immediately, convenient to use. Small and lightweight, easy to carry. Available in various flavors. Vapes brands:Flavour Beast/ Allo/STLTH/Elf Bar/Geek Bar/Vice Vape

Disposable Vape

The closed pods series combines the convenience of disposable vapes with the familiarity of traditional vape cartridges, bringing an unparalleled experience. Reusable battery&High puff count&Adjustable airflow&Rich flavors and design options. Vapes brands:STLTH/ RELX/Z Pod//Pop Pod/Flavour Beast/SPIN/Drip'n

Closed Pods

Also known as e-liquid or vape juice, it is the liquid used in vapes to produce vapor. When the vape mod heats the e-liquid, it turns into vapor that the user inhales. Vapes brands:Vice/ Lemon Drop/Awaken/Crave/NKD100(Naked 100)/Flavour Beast/Kapow/Fruitbae


A vape tank is a key component of an electronic cigarette, responsible for storing and atomizing the e-liquid, thereby producing vapor. Vapes brands:SMOK/ Vaporesso/Geek Vape/UWELL Caliburn

Vape Hardwares

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Our collection features the latest disposable vapes like Elfbar GH22000, Vice Boost, STLTH Titan, Flip 2, and Flavour Beast Mode Max, all designed for maximum convenience and superior flavor. For e-liquid enthusiasts, our new Awaken Nicotine Salt offers a smooth and satisfying flavor. We also introduce the advanced Vaporesso XROS vape mod, perfect for beginners. Additionally, check out the innovative pod systems from Flavour Beast: Level X Boost and Level X Unleashed Boost, which promise enhanced performance and exceptional vaping experiences.

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